Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Maria Mateo, Revised”Meet My__”

Since I was a child I grew up with my grandmother, she was my second mother. I always liked the way she dressed up. Jewelry has become a fundamental part of anyone’s clothing, giving style and personality to everyday looks.One of the jewelry she always wore was a gold chain with a medal that had a photo of her, my grandfather and all of her children. But one jewelry that she always wore and was my favorite was a pair of earrings that she inherited from her mother.These are a pair of fabulous gold  long earrings with a dark green emerald stone in the middle that made them look even more beautiful. This pair of earrings  gave her a special touch,  and highlighted her cloth and her own beauty. 

When I moved to the United States from my home country, my grandmother decided to give this earring to me. She told me that is a gift that would make me always think of her . I felt very happy and nostalgic because I thought she would give them to one of her daughters but she decided to give them to me. I love this earring so much because it is a gift from my grandmother and since she passed away I love them more because it will always make me think of her. I don’t wear them often because I’m afraid that I might lose them , but when I do wear it,  I feel happy to wear something it’s been through generations and that my grandmother used to wear. If I decide to give this earring to someone in the future it will be my niece because my grandmother always wanted to meet my brother’ daughter and since she passed aways she couldn’t , I think she will be more than happy to know that my niece will wear her earrings.


  1. Jozelyn

    Maria, I enjoyed how you described why your earnings mean so much to you and why it holds so much value in your life. I can relate to this because I have a gold thin chain that was given to me when I was a baby. It was my grandmothers then my mothers. Would you decide to wear these earnings during special events?

  2. nickay82

    Hello Maria, I too was close to my grandmother and when she passed away I inherited her cookbook which I value more that anoything in the world so I understand how valuable those earings are to you.

    Would you wear it on your wedding( if you do decide to get married) so you can have her with you on your special day?

  3. Adama Barro

    Hello Mateo, you are very lucky to have something priceless like that, it will always remind you of your origin and especially the love you have in your family.
    Your niece will be please and honor to have that earrings, i am sure she will take a good care of it and one day give it to her daughter.

  4. Angelica Salazar

    Hello Maria, I enjoyed to read about the earrings that were given to you by your grandmother. i loved how you described them in the beginning, I also enjoyed reading the significance of them to you. I especially liked that you would pass them on to your niece whom your grandmother wanted to meet, that touched my heart. When do you think you’ll give the earrings to your niece?

  5. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hey Maria, It nice to know that you own something as valuable as the earrings from your grandmother. It would mean lots to many people which is why you may be really happy to own your grandmother piece. It is really special to own something that ran through generations, which makes the piece priceless.
    What would you usually wear with your earrings?

  6. Amna Ahmed

    Hi Maria, it’s great that you are able to have a piece of your grandmother after you passed. I have my grandfather’s ring after he passed.
    Would you pass down your grandmother’s earrings to your kids?

  7. Angelica Hernandez

    Hey Maria, loved your wiritng I had a similar thing happen to me and its such a special thing to be passed down something such as jewley from an important person.
    Question: What do the earrings look like?

  8. Mamadou

    I liked the background you gave to the earrings that explained why they are so valuable to you.

    If you have any siblings, did they get anything from your grandparents to remember them by?

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