Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Meet My Android

I have an android. It’s a nice phone. Solid specs, decent camera, lightweight to the point of feeling like air in the palm of my hands, and cheaper than anything Apple could offer me. I spent my entire life with androids, preferring the ability to customize my phone to my liking over a high-end camera and imessage games. What I didn’t know came with any android was the unceasing ridicule from every iphone user on the face of this planet.  To my knowledge, there has never been an absence of iPhone users flaunting their garbage in front of my face. In the past I couldn’t say anything because I always had the phone that was the source of this ridicule. This all changed a bit more than a year ago however.

After several fun stories that include youtube comment rappers, a phone bought off of, and a lightning strike, I managed to get scammed by T-Mobile into paying more for a phone than I ever needed to. But those are stories for future prompts. LG G8 ThinQ. This was actually a pretty significant increase from my old phone, a low end LG phone that escapes me right now. From the moment I laid my hands on a phone that was even moderately decent, I never let an iPhone user talk down to me again. Gone were the days where I had to endure people calling my camera pixelated, my phone a brick, and my storage trash. In the most over the top way possible, I made any Iphone user who had the guts to even mention my phone being an android stop saying words for minutes on end. The people at my job probably stopped talking about my android when I threw it into a sink full of water to prove a point. I have probably become the very annoying person who speaks about their phone whenever I get the chance that I hate…but I don’t really care. IPhone users need to be humbled and it brings me joy to do some humbling.

Oh… I probably should have actually mentioned what makes my phone… better… ehhhhhh we be aight.


  1. Mohammed Hashim

    Hello Mamadou, I really enjoyed reading about your android phone. A lot of times LG phones are looked over just because they are LGs or android phones. I always liked using android phones, I’ve been using androids since the beginning of my phone careers. However I switched to using an iPhone as the year 2020 began. All phones have their ups and downs and I think it’s always about preference when it comes to phones. Would you ever try using an iPhone?

  2. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hey Mamadou, I enjoyed reading about you LG android phone. Many do in fact consider Apple iPhone as of in general majority do, I for example started from an android until the year of 2016/2017. I enjoyed it very much but I always knew that the style and access of and iPhone would fit my preferences the best.
    How long have you had this phone for?

  3. Amna Ahmed

    Hi Mamadou, your reasoning to why android phones are better than iPhones makes a lot of sense. I used to have a Samsung phones and it’s true that they are very customizable.
    When did you first get your android phone?

  4. Marina Malak

    Hi Mamadou,
    I enjoyed reading about your new phone, your style of writing has a sense of humor that keeps the reader there even though I am more of an IPhone person.
    would you be willing to try using an IPhone instead of Android?

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