Eng 2 Annotated Bibliography

Citation #1

Beyond the Data – Preventing Childhood Obesity: Eating Better, Moving More – Youtube.com. YouTube, CDC, 19 July 2021, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nXSCExDUuw.


In this video, Dr. John Iskander and Captain Hiedi Blank, CDC’s chief for obesity prevention and control, speak about obesity prevention and the facts behind obesity. When

Eng 2 Annotated Bibliography

children are obese, there are at risk of many health conditions, such as bone structure problems, sleep apnea, and mental health issues. As obesity continues in children, it goes into adulthood and may cause physical health issues. Examples like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and the CDC has linked 13 cancers to obesity. As I stated earlier, child obesity is mostly the child’s parents’ fault, and Captain Blank has heard from many parents that they think their children being obese is just a phase in their life, and as they get older, they’ll “grow” out of it. A healthy lifestyle for children has food with lower calories and higher nutrition, like fruits and vegetables, enough physical activity, reduced screen time, stress management, and better sleeping schedules. The CDC recommends the 10 5 2 1 0 lifestyle. 10 hours of sleep, 5 fruits and vegetables, less than 2 hours of screen time, 1 hour of physical activity, and 0 sugary drinks. The CDC has a few school health guidelines to prevent obesity in children. During lunchtime, the children have access to healthier foods, more water fountains, and longer physical education classes.


After watching this YouTube video, my thoughts on parents are the majority of the issue regarding childhood obesity were true. As captain Blank said, many parents she has spoken to believe that their obese children will grow out of their “obese” stage and don’t truly realize the dangers of being obese at a young age. Being obese as early as the age of two shouldn’t be considered a stage a child should grow out of but an eye wakening health issue for that child. Parents should consider taking this issue seriously, so the child doesn’t suffer from critical health issues early. The child is too young to take care of and feed themselves the right nutritious foods, so the parents need to step up and help their children. I agree with the 10 5 2 1 0 lifestyle approach for children, and it’s the perfect balance for a child to live a happy and healthy life.


“Unfortunately, we have a bulk of evidence and data from our national surveys as well as modeling exercises that they really show children are on a trajectory toward obesity,” said Captain Heidi Blank.