Wollstonecraft is writing this letter to bring awareness to the rights of women. She writes this letter to the man in power, Talleyrand. She explains how women are forced their deny of civil and political rights and must be walled by their families in the dark. Women were excluded from the natural rights of mankind. She writes this letter because she wants women to be equal to men, and she wants women to have all the rights that men have. The discourse community Wollstonecraft seems to be writing for is for the women who have suffered from the men in power and the women who don’t have equal happiness and freedom as men. 

Young writes this speech to bring awareness to people who only look at disabled people as inspiration. She says that disabled people don’t seem to be considered real people, and however, they are people used for inspiration. Disabled people are then being objectified and are used as people of inspiration. She wants to address the issue of people rewarding disabled people for doing things that everyone else can. She sees this issue as a problem because disabled people get put down for doing basic things. After all, for some people, if a disabled person can do one thing, then a person who isn’t disabled should be able to as well. The discourse community Young seems to be in is a community of disabled people, and she wants to bring awareness to people who aren’t disabled to treat them as they treat everyone else and not to look at them as an inspirational story.