Well, we’re nearing the end of this chapter of 2022. I’m sure you’re looking forward to some free time and good extra sleep in a few more days–but you’re probably stressing about final exams or final projects that are also due very soon!

This week will be a fairly easy week (as far as this class goes) if you’ve kept up with the writing and revising. I want us to spend some time discussing what we’ve done in this class–the reading and the writing. I want us to reflect on why we liked or disliked a reading or a writing assignment. I want us to think about what we did in this class that was a success–or not–and what we learned from either event.

Looking at life, Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn.

Why should we do this?

I believe it’s important for us as humans to think about what works (or doesn’t) and why. Contrary to some cries of anger at discomfort, we become better people when we take stock of the past and learn from it.

For example, think about the Pandemic (that we’re still in). I would love to have known what I know now in early 2020. I can’t turn back time, but I can learn from the past if other pandemics hit our planet. I now know that wearing a mask is important to protect myself as well as those around me. I know that the vaccine came relatively quickly because there’s been so much research on other strains of COVID-19. I can also take the little things I’ve learned as I’ve survived this period of time. I’m way more tech savvy than I was in March of 2020. My websites look halfway decent, I know how to do all these behind-the-scenes things, and I’m generally more comfortable with technology.

So, think about what you’ve gained in this class–the big and the small.

Please know that it’s been a privilege being your professor this term. I’m teaching on campus next semester, so if you see me in the hall, please say hello!

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