This week we will be working mostly individually on your U3 Multimodal Project. Hopefully by the time you read this, you’ve got an idea about the genre, audience, and the tools you need to complete this project. By the time we meet for class, I hope you’ll be ready to make decisions and work!

Writing! Working!

Whether you’re doing a PowerPoint presentation, a video, a visual art piece, or something else, the goal is the same: sharing the information you gathered for U2 and repurposing it to share with someone who needs to hear it!

Although this assignment may seem daunting to some of you, try to have fun with it, and use your skill set to show off! 🙂

There is a written component to this assignment, of course, so keep that in mind as you’re working on the visual/audio side of things. What that written component is, of course, depends on your genre. Remember the examples of students’ work with U3? The written component fit with whatever they created.

So, if you are doing…

  • a TED Talk (include written transcript along with the video)
  • a Wikipedia entry (include images)
  • a video, photographic, or graphic essay (include artist’s statement)
  • a blog (include images and/or video)
  • an informational brochure (include images)
  • an infographic (include an artist’s statement)
  • a poster with Public Service Announcement (PSA) (include an artist’s statement)
  • a PowerPoint presentation (include a transcript of what you would say)

I found a website that has some guidelines for and examples of artists’ statements, if students are looking for guidance. (I love the name of website!) You could also take inspiration from the student examples of U3 from last week.

If your genre isn’t one of the above, talk to me about what written work should go with your genre.

Whatever you write, whether it’s integrated in your visual/audio or not, it must be at least 500 words!

Go to our Agenda for this week to see the details of the coming week!