The thing that was difficult about this project was the process of finding sources that answered my question and were relevant to what I was trying to find. Creating the 4-part entry sources wasn’t so difficult because all I had to do was summarize, reflect, and add a quote, and that in my opinion was easier than finding specific articles. In my research, I learned that the American healthcare system is mostly corrupt and is oriented towards the goal of profit instead of the general public’s health and wellness. I also learned that positive and actionable change is possible, and only takes a focus shift from greed to compassion in order to achieve it. I was very surprised at how bad the issue was, and how outrageously overpriced healthcare is in America compared to other countries that are paying less for the same, if not better, quality healthcare. The things that I learned that I could take to future classes are how to make an Annotated Bibliography if I ever need to make another one, how to use the City Tech library to access databases to conduct research, and how to be more aware of worldly issues that are going on.