Prof. Jessica Penner | D493 | Spring 2022

Discussion Question: Student Samples–Multimodal Projects

What do you notice and what appeals to you about these projects? There are no right answers! Just hit “reply” and write a few sentences expressing what caught your eye about these pieces.


  1. Abraham

    The poster and the presentation caught my eye because both of them had a clear structure. Both of them organize information into different sections. This holds a certain appeal to me because I like articles and other pieces of information which organizes their information since it makes it easier to see the point of what they are talking about.

  2. Luis

    The ones that most grabbed my attention were the poster and the presentation. They were both really creative in how they conveyed their message. Not only were they creative but also made sure to use vibrant colors to keep the reader’s attention. They also used pathos and ethos pretty well with their images.

  3. Dominic Padon

    The S5 infographic caught my eye because it is colorful and has pictures that relate to what is being said, making it easier for me to understand the overall message

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