Prof. Jessica Penner | OL12 | Fall 2020

Micro Activity #3 Joseph Mastrota Brainstorming DC

   Within my chosen discourse community, I have identified several issues of concern to the YouTube community. The first and foremost was demonetization. I believe these were the first complaints on the channels that I follow, that they began to complain about. It is probably best that I present these issues in order as I observed them. The order helps demonstrate the sequence of events as the community developed, and how they relate to the proposed corrective actions. As I had stated in previous posts initially commentaries and creative content were my interest. Certain channels had subject matter I was interested in, or they were just entertaining video diaries called “v logs”. At that time the most popular were capable of generating income. I do not recall actual commercials embedded in the stream initially, but they were worked in later. These “creators” would always attempt to outdo others or themselves on a regular basis. This sometimes wandered into territory that caught the attention of the platform heads and the channel would get a warning. Offensive material, hostile commentary or content, or generally unsuitable for viewing. As described in the TOS terms of service. Enough of these warning and the channel would be demonetized. Blocking or censorship was the second issue users complained of and was the next corrective action by the platform chiefs. As described in Wikipedia, YouTube will block criticism of a ruler, government or government officials, religion or religious leaders. Standard law violations of copyright and intellectual property are included. Hate speech, ethics or morality laws, national security legislation these violations will also be blocked. No one could say from the onset that you could not see it coming. I had dual interests in both YouTube and Drones. YouTube was a great platform to put your aerial imagery out to the world. But at the same time someone had to step in and police the wild west that global video sharing had become. The same way the first drone could practically be put in orbit, until the manufacturers forced in firmware to discipline the pilots with built in restrictions. The FAA wrote their legislation, to include sections of law and penalties. Apparently in both domains, too much freedom opened the door for reckless behavior. Finally, politics recognized the potential and mainstream news, alternative news, political commentaries and satire appeared at a phenomenal rate. The democratic pundits  pointed a finger at YouTube stopping short of blaming them for Clinton’s loss. As most channels were kind to Clinton and hard on Trump. YouTube channels appeared that were the opposite. With the onset of technology in media and editing tools, the platform will no doubt stay healthy and grow. But as YouTube channels begin exhibit their own biases. And are lumped together with other “news” sites that actually are propaganda. The organization itself, in their efforts to control content, may in fact be inserting their own biases into the mix. Their increased supervision causes me to actually begin to miss those wild west days. When you were able to access everything and sort thru it all as you saw fit. Believing or agreeing, disbelieving or not agreeing, it was your choice. But it was all there available for you.        

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  1. Estarlin

    Good observation Joseph! Youtube is a great platform as you said, but it is be controlled for the government and other identitites that prohibits some topics such as politics, discrimination and religion.

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