Prof. Jessica Penner | OL12 | Fall 2020

Micro-Activity #3:Michalis Photiou

I belong to the gaming discourse community. Many people are in love with video games and belong to the gaming discourse community. Video games were created early 1970s with the purpose of entertainment. Until today i play games for fun i even met many friends online while playing video games, but there are some issues in the gaming dc that i need to address. The first issue is about the toxicity, last two decades there are people that get mad or angry on video games about losing or something did not go there way. This toxicity after other players online even their families. I heard stories of someone killing his brother because he lost to a video game and he got out of control. Companies that own video games tried to ban the player that use this behavior in order not to play their game anymore if they bring this attitude in their game. The second issue is the addiction. Many gamer’s are too much focused in video games with a result of healthy problems, for example people staying 2 days awake playing video games all day long. There were cases of people dying because gaming too much time or people hurting their selves like eye or back problems. The third issues is based on cyberbullies and privacy issues. There are these online games that players can hack your info and get your private information for instance your card information, where you live and many other private information. There are cyberbullies that use that information to make money or to bully the other players for money or other goods.Finally companies must stand and protect what its dear to us. There are some companies that create chairs or glasses for our health when we are gaming. For me and other gamer’s gaming is an amazing experience we experience new stories, new worlds, new friends but in the end we must defend ourselves from these issues


  1. Jean Holmi Germain

    Hi Michalis,
    Your discourse community is very instresting and i considered it. video game is sometimes good for people especially the children. Video game can get worse when children are addicted, in this case,the children give problems in the house. Addicted children by video game, sometimes they do not want to eat, they don’t want to study their lessons, and they only watch video game. I agree with you when you said”There were cases of people dying because gaming too much time or people hurting their selves like eye or back problems”.

  2. jevon

    Hello Michalis,
    Your discourse community is very intriguing. I’m not good at video games at all, but it’s always fun to know about the gaming world. Toxic behavior has become a persistent problem in the online gaming industry (mainly online game competitions). Toxicity isn’t fun. Whatever the result of the game, however, competition is, some people will behave. This type of person might be happy to see other people suffer, at least in cyberspace.

  3. Rex Dovolani

    Hi Michalis,
    I used to love playing video games when I was younger and it was DC I belonged in. It was very interesting reading about the different issues you can have when playing video games for a long time. Addiction was one issue that really popped out to me as I myself, used to pull an all nighter sometimes playing video games then going to sleep at 7am. It is certainly a health concern in the long term if you do not get enough sleep every night.

  4. Isaac

    Hey Michalis,

    I do agree with you, I used to play lots of video games and like my fellow classmates I too was deprived of sleep because I was addicted to them. as you stated on your research about your DC, we need to be careful with our kids, it cannot only become an addiction problem but as you said it could potentially result in the infringement of personal information that could be used against us.

  5. Cindy Cortes Corona

    Hey Michalis,
    I totally agree with you and see your views on gaming. Although there’s alot of negative views on video games, i have to agree that they are addicting. I use to play alot during my freshman year of high school, and it wasn’t convienent at the time because I used to stay up all night playing. It was fun at first, but then my sleep schedule was bad. And i hated waking up early for school, so it made things far worse. So ofcourse I stopped and focused on school and sleep instead.

  6. Sumon Alam

    Hello Michalis,
    Your Discourse community is interesting, and I agree with you that some of us lose control and what you heard about people killing each other is extremely on point, However there are some positive things with the video games such as
    it can relax your mind from everything and you can choose gaming as a career because some video games hire you to make videos on you tube and to attract the audience.

  7. Joe

    Zelda on a game boy. I had blisters on my fingers and many sleepless nights. Gunship on a Commodore computer. After a mission that would take close to an hour I was sweaty and shaking. Siphon Filter on a play station. I was stressed out to the max and wound up giving the whole thing to my niece before I threw it out the window.
    Moral of the story I get too involved with the game. I am one of those who can easily get addicted. It is best I keep a distance from the new stuff which attracts me like candy.

  8. Estarlin

    I agree with you Michalis! video game can be great for distraction, but it have a limited to play as you said we can play and know other people online as well. but always try to maintain control and not play more than necessary, because it can make an addition.

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