Like the midterm project the goal of the final project is to create a series of 10 edited related images on a theme. All images must be new as of 5/2/2023. You can’t use images from other assignments.

Choose from one of the following:

  • Portraits – Portraits of 1 or 2 people
  • Self Portraits
  • a still life series that is a diary of your life ( you will need window light, sunlight or a clip lamp )
  • light and shadow
  • Abstract photos– Photos that utilize light, shape,color, texture and composition to make images where the subject is not important
  • mirrors, windows and or reflections
  • A self developed theme

Mirror, windows and or reflections


Due for 5/9: 30 photos on the chosen theme This is graded as Homework 10

Due for 5/16: 30 additional photos. This is graded as Homework 11

Due for 5/23 : 10 Final images edited in lightroom and posted in an album to Flickr

Presentation of images to class