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Intro Sean Suarez


My name is Sean Suarez, I reside in Queens, NY.  My family originates from Ecuador but I was born here. I am a sophomore at City Tech. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering B-Tech program.  I aspire to be a great engineer and graduate with a Bachelors in Engineering.  I identify as he/him/his.  My hobbies include watching Anime and occasionally playing some video games on my PlayStation.  I also recently started collecting figurines. I have two older sisters and two younger brothers.  My two older sisters both have Bachelors of Science while my siblings are in middle school.

I have several pets that I love and care for.  I have two cats named Maze and Ichika and a little French poodle named Odie.   My cat Ichika we found and rescued from the street.  She was really skinny and was emaciated.  We nursed her back to health and to our surprise she was pregnant.   She had four kittens which we found loving homes for.  The picture above is of my favorite one she was gray and was the most loving of them all.



Hello everyone My name is Judley. My pronouns are her and she. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. That’s where I currently live. I enjoy reading books, playing chess and listening to music. I enjoy going to 14 Street Union Square and playing against the chess players and sharpening my skills. My favorite subject throughout school and in college is science such as biology. 

This picture is meaningful to me because its a park that is a park near my house that I go to. I go there to ground myself when I like to jog and meet up with my friends to exercise. I also go to that park to journal and meditate. Ive been going to that park even since I was young.

Class Introduction: Daniel Gayoso

Hello, my name is Daniel Gayoso, I am from Richmond Hill and currently, this is my 3rd year at City Tech and majoring in computer systems. I always had a computer system in my mind coming into college, one my cousins graduated with this degree and he is doing successful in life, I definitely want to follow his footsteps and create a big future for myself. During my free times, I do like to listen to music and watch horror movies, currently my playlist is full of R&B, hip hop, and some Latino music.  For a year and half we’ve all been going through a lot and online learning has taken over and gotten everyone stressed, for me im taking online one last time and happy that everything is going back to normal. There are lots of challenges ahead and obstacles but definitely looking forward to this class and learning some new things.


This is my dog “Buggy” he is my only companion and I treat him like a son, every time i get home from work or school he’s always outside the porch barking and excited when he see’s me. He’s been with me ever since and travels with me where ever I go. He’s the sweetest and loves to be around company.

Greetings from Eric A.!

Hello everyone, I know I’m late so allow me to introduce myself, my name is Eric Ayala, and I am one of the millions of native New Yorkers living around this city. I am from the Bronx, so checking out Brooklyn while at this school has been like exploring a foreign country. I’m honestly impressed by Brooklyn and happy I chose City Tech. While growing up in a place like NY, I became fascinated by construction, urban planning, and the beauty of a modern city. This ultimately fueled my interest for architecture, which is my major here at City Tech. I first enrolled in a vocational school for architecture in the Bronx where I later moved to Syracuse, NY to attend Onondaga Community College’s Architecture program. Now I’m here with you guys pursuing a Bachelor’s in ARH. I consider English one of my strengths even though I don’t enjoy writing anymore, just the feeling I get after completing assignments.  My favorite place in NYC besides my house is definitely Sheep Meadow lawn in Central Park. I look forward to getting through this course with you guys!

The picture I posted you should all recognize. It is the Chrysler Building, New York’s best looking building in my opinion. It is an art deco building constructed during the first skyscraper boom in human history. It is just as iconic to me as it is to New York and the world. Now, you can barely see it among the NY skyline but it remains one of New York’s hidden gems!


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