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Final week post Anderson

One future journalism project I would love to work on would indeed have to be having to travel all of South America.Travel and document everything we could possibly document such as cultural activity’s religions and even food choices.The tour I choose to take opon was the east village because I went to high school there so to learn about its history would definitely be interesting.East village is full of history and many of its history is deeply related to Europe which is where the name “little Germany” came from.It’s diversity comes from very long ago where there would be people of all over.Now a days it’s home to a very huge China town which many people know.The museums that we see in East village are really old and have a lot of history to them.My OpEd could be expanded by being able to gather information about the other side of the opinion and expressing why they are wrong.

Week 16

Social platforms have not only emerged as important news platforms for the public, but also as useful tools for journalists. Journalists use social media to find story that leads and share their work with audiences, which has made journalism more interactive. There are good things about social media journalism is that  social media has made journalism easier as writers are able to spread their work to larger audience in seconds. The bad thing is, Social media is at the consumer’s convenience and provide them with what they want to see. It becomes bias in believing social media over true journalist work. This makes edited pieces, articles, and time feel as if they are a waste because they are not receiving the credit and recognition they deserve.

Week 16: Final Post Assignment Due Date: Monday, Dec. 20

The tour I took was ” The East Village,” and after watching the video I have learned that back in the 1800 centuries, the east village which is downtown Manhattan, used to be a town for immigrants who are mostly Jewish.  Now as centuries go by, downtown lower Manhattan has slowly become Chinatown for Chinese immigrants who immigrated to the U.S.  As I continued to watch the video I have also learned that Abraham Cahan was the founder of the Foward, and he wrote about politics.  At 236 east third street of east village, is The Noyrican poet’s cafe cofounded by Miguel Algarin in 1973. The cafe continues to be a form for poetry, music, hip-hop, video, visual arts, comedy, and theater, explaining the philosophy. I’ve learned a lot about each street and it has a past history that leads the how-to streets changed in the present day. For example, a particular scene of the video explains that in 1953 at 206 east 7th street it talks about the apartment of Allen Ginsberg. It talks about a man named Allen Ginsberg who lives at 206 east 7th street, who was a poet and years goes by Allen Ginsberg have been moving from building to building.  One of the journalism projects I might like to do in the future would be at Noytican poet’s cafe because it doesn’t just have poetry in it but it also has music, hip-hop, videos, visual art, comedy, and theater that I can learn and talk about.  Everything I do at that cafe would be posted on my Instagram, which gives it recognition so more customers can come by.  In 1964, Ed Sanders opened Peace Eye BookStore, and the bookstore includes art, music, and poetry. Ed Sanders and Allen Ginsberg found the commitment to legalized marijuana and the store also hosted an underground comic art exhibition featuring work by Robert Crumb, Spain Rodriguez, Kim Deech, and others.  But unfortunately, business doesn’t go well for Sanders when the authorities forced him out of business because he was charged for selling lewd on January 2nd, 1966.  In 77 Saint Marks Place,  the former address of W.H. Auden, whose full name is Winston Hugh Auden was a British poet, arrived in New York City in 1939 from October to September 1 940. He lived in Brown Stone in a Montague terrorist in Brooklyn Height where he can compose new year letters from 1953 to 1972, he and his companion Chester lived on the second floor.  In Auden’s letter, he wrote that the enthusiastic immigrants are where America is the place that most accurately reflects his poetic program and achieving a collective betterment through individual self-knowledge.  I’ve learned a lot about different poets from different locations and how to make money, and the one particular tour I liked the most in the video, would be 105 2nd Avenue where The East Village Other is located. It is one of the earliest counter-cultural newspapers that was found and it really discusses the important topic of Anarchy,  Women’s rights, black power, free love, legalization, local housing issues, and ending the war in Vietnam.

I would expand my OpEd is by looking at websites that help support my thesis statement about the topic and talking about the pros and cons of the situation.

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