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Thanks to CUNY Libraries, you continue to have full complimentary access to and NYTimes mobile apps, as well as their international editions. Please visit to activate your own free Pass.  CUNY’s subscription entitles all people with a email domain to acquire a subscription to the digital NYTimes so you must register using your City Tech email.

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After you have followed the steps for first-time users and activated an Academic Pass provided by your school, it should allow you full access for 52 weeks (364 days) with no further action on your part.  Once the 52 weeks is up, you will have to reconfirm your email address at

If for any reason while on you are served the message that you are reaching the limit of free articles on the site, do the following: Make sure you are logged in to with your school email address. Go to  Your pass should again be active.

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Your Academic Pass includes access to The New York Times via the NYTimes smartphone apps. To download your smartphone app, visit: Once you have registered and selected your Academic Pass, you can then access from anywhere at any time during the life of that pass from most web capable devices.

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Kimberly Abrams, MLS, MTS

Technical Services and Electronic Resources Librarian

New York City College of Technology, CUNY