Hello everyone My name is Judley. My pronouns are her and she. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. That’s where I currently live. I enjoy reading books, playing chess and listening to music. I enjoy going to 14 Street Union Square and playing against the chess players and sharpening my skills. My favorite subject throughout school and in college is science such as biology. 

This picture is meaningful to me because its a park that is a park near my house that I go to. I go there to ground myself when I like to jog and meet up with my friends to exercise. I also go to that park to journal and meditate. Ive been going to that park even since I was young.

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    What’s up Judley! I’m very new to this online school stuff so I wasn’t sure on how to DM you. However, it appears that we are partners for this new project so here is my personal email… ( Contact me, and we can plan on how to tackle this assignment. I’m sure we can make it less painful than it has to be. I look forward to working with you during the coming weeks!
    – Eric A.

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