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Week 15 final post

The one that I decided to pick is taking the tour at Union Square. The one thing that I learned from watching the video tour was when Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux were able to redesign union square park to make the space more available. Specifically to have more gatherings available for the people. It also served as a theatre district from the 1860s to the 1880s. Steinway hall was an auditorium that was built in 1866. It was considered as the largest concert hall in the United States at the time. The reason why is because Steinway Hall can fit 2500 people. The Mora Portrait Studio was opened in 1870 by Jose Maria Mora. Jose Maria Mora was a young Cuban refugee and the photos served the stars of the opera on stage. The photos were so popular that he was making $100,000 a year in 1878. The labor activism and the other progressive causes lead to Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth which was published in 210 East 13th street in June 1907. Going on to 66 Irving place there was a place called Pete’s Tavern. It was a favorite watering place called O’Henry. The bow arch structure in Madison Square Garden served as an indoor arena. This was designed by Stanford White in 1890. Stanford White was murdered in a rooftop garden restaurant by millionaire Harry Thaw. He killed him because of an affair White had with Thaw’s wife, she was an actress called Evelyn Nesbit, which became known as the trial of the century. A journalism project that I would like to do in the future that deals with social media is to try exploring other countries. 

Week 9 discussion post

After reading the Op-Ed from Lewis Wallace one thing I like to acknowledge that is important is how he says journalists need to fight back. He also says that we should check our facts and should tell the truth. What he’s saying to fight back means that we need to strengthen ourselves to take down the people talking about made up stories that are distracting us. Then he says that it’s our job to be honest about ourselves and to learn to be honest with the audience about who they are. To learn to be honest about why we are all here and what we need to do. He believes that by claiming all of these stances, we can strengthen our position. He’s also saying that it’s always important to have a voice and that you need to speak up. You want to live in a world where you can have your voices heard. That’s why it’s always important to speak up about things that are important to you.

ENG 1151 Week 8 discussion

I believe that social media dangers are real. Many people were being killed and they demanded that the government should be accountable. As I was watching the documentary “A thousand Cuts” Maria brought up a point about disinformation networks. That if you see a network that is spreading it you can follow other networks and see the growth. She had started writing and posting things on the media and was getting thousands of bad messages from a lot of people. Then Mocha Uson had attacked Rappler. She said that Rappler is allegedly funded by the CIA. Rappler was issued a subpoena and got their license revoked, then faced 11 cases.  



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