Week 1 | Homework

Week 1 | Reading, Writing, and Reflection

• Read this article and post at least 2 paragraphs in response in the comments here (you must be registered for OpenLab). Be prepared to discuss this in class next week.

Dear Design Student

• Please read Chapter 1, “Introduction” pgs 2 through 12 in Digital Media Primer, the required text for this class.

• Research Writing Assignment – 1st draft Due September 25th

1. Please select a logo of a well-known company (NOT Apple or Nike or Starbucks or Mercedes-Benz or Coke or other logos in the articles assigned above or listed in this handout) that you find particularly effective and investigate the history of this logo. Use the articles above as a guide to how to write about a logo’s evolution. Questions addressed in your report should be who designed the logo, what the thought process was in developing it, whether it influenced other logos since it was created and how the images that surround that logo in advertising are intended to complement it. Typeface and color changes should be noted and discussed. You should also note in your report where the logo is found–websites, print materials, products. and include photos of these in your report. Please write a summary of the information that you have learned. This assignment should be at least three typed paragraphs –with each paragraph being 4 or 5 sentences long. Please use spell check and be sure that you are paying attention to your sentence structure and punctuation. You must have visuals of the logo to accompany your text. If the logo has evolved, show more than one visual depicting this evolution with captions below each image. Discuss the color and typeface of the logo. Also, be sure to note the sources for your information and use your own words in your text, see definition of plagiarism in your Student Handbook. This report should be emailed to me: eneugeboren@citytech.cuny.edu

You will need to write a two paragraph bio of yourself. Please see the following sites from previous students in this class for examples of the type of bio I am looking for you to write: