Monthly Archives: August 2016

Week 1 | Homework

• Readings:

  1. Molly Crabapple’s Rules for Creative Success

2. An Open Letter to Young Freelancers

3. Please finish reading Chapter 1, “Introduction” in Digital Media Primer the required text for this class and begin reading Chapter Two “Fundamentals in Digital Imaging pages 23 -28.

4. Please also read this article on the Apple site regarding the location of fonts on the Mac:

5. Begin thinking/reviewing about a quote you would like to visually enhance.

6. Register at a photography stock agency such as Veer or Corbis (registration is free) and download an image from two stock photo agencies one of the two subjects discussed in class and bring these in on your flash drive next week.

Think about these questions:

What is Open Type

What is TrueTypeout

What is ClearType

Learn More about Fonts and Typography

• Written/Visual Homework:

1. Please create a banner design concept for your OpenLab site, one that you feels reflects your goals & personality. This banner, after revisions and changes, will ultimately be uploaded onto your E-portfolio web site. Your logo design should be accompanied by a paragraphs describing the rationale behind your design. This design should be sketched by hand initially and then you can use the computer. Use the Before and After Article discussed in class as a reference and the AIGA site shown in class. Take a picture of your sketches and upload them to your OpenLab portfolio.

2. Write your logo history report and have it email it to your Professor by the beginning of the next class, September 13.