Visual Quote Project


9/27 Rough Sketches – choose your quote and present 10 sketches, digital or analog, showing how the quote will be illustrated

10/14 FRIDAY Present Three Concepts – Two concepts must have typography or typography with line art. The third concept may contain a photographic image.

10/18 Work Day – choose final direction and revise based on peer feedback

10/25 FINAL QUOTES DUE – must be uploaded to ePortfolio with written analysis (see rubric at bottom)

Visual Quote Project

This is your 1st design project of the semester and you will begin working on it in class 9/20.

By September 27, you should have at least 2 concepts to show me for this visually enhanced quotation project. They can be sketches or they can be done on the computer. Please upload sketches to the home page of your web site – if they are done on paper you can take a picture using your phone, or you can upload a jpeg if you did them on the computer. Your visual quote project will be designed for a print postcard and should be 8.5” X 5.47”, which is the large postcard size sold by Vistaprint. It can designed either landscape or portrait but be sure to design your concepts with this trim size in mind.  Review the website for conceptual examples of visually enhanced quotations (they are at a different size on this page).

When you draw your concepts, they should be put on a sheet of paper cut to the appropriate size, or you can draw a number of rectangles at that scale to create thumbnails. You can use collage or cut or paste type in the design you would like, using colored pencils to show color. If you know Indesign or Illustrator, you can use those programs to do your designs. Be sure to set up your document to the size specified in these programs and to use the print layout template. It is always best to try initial concepts by sketching first. If you are not familiar with Indesign, see the free tutorials on Adobe programs at and Again, If you draw your concepts by hand, take a photo of your sketches using your phone to submit for your initial two concepts.

Below are samples of previous students work on this project from previous semesters to give you specific examples of the expectation for this project. You are to pick any quote you like: it can be from a poem, song, book, movie, etc., and you need to come up with three concepts for visually enhancing that quotation for a postcard of 8.5″ X 5.47″. Two concepts must have typography or typography with line art. The third concept may contain a photographic image. The first part of this project will involve simply sketching the concepts.


You can see other samples of student work on this project at the following student sites:

*Note: Visually and conceptually, the student at the link above, Stanilsav, did an excellent job on this project–however, he should  have had more writing about each concept.

Below is the rubric for this project: