about me

I decided to attend New York City College of Technology for a bachelor in Communications Design because it incorporated so many things I loved like film, drawing, photography and graphic design. When I began my courses, I didnʼt realize that I would come to love the concepts and principles behind typography where we learned words like kerning and leading or modern art history where I developed quite an avid interest in Vincent VanGogh’s work. In desktop publishing, we learned InDesign and about bleed lines and picas. In photography class, we learned Photoshop and the many ways a person can enhance a photograph to communicate a message.

All forms of design is about communicating.

I have been influenced by political events past and present and major historical events like the French revolution and currently the Holocaust. That in turn has lead me to political graffiti artists like Banksy and JR who use their art to create change or spread knowledge around the world. I am inspired by photographers Robert Doisneau, Sally Mann, Annie Leibovitz and Alex Prager, as well as, filmmakers Michel Gondry and Jean Pierre Jeunet for their use of contrast, wit and conceptual ideas. I love the work done by graphic designers Chip Kidd and Paula Scher. I am hoping to be as versatile as they are and design on any medium such as books, posters, films and magazines. I would love to work in a company or firm that offers a wide range of mediums that would put both my graphic design and photography skills to use.

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