Ways Of Seeing: Project #1 Reflections

After completing Project #1, I feel very accomplished. This project consisted of just writing about yourself and who you want to be. I think it was a very interesting project because a lot of people don’t know who they are or who they want to be, but this project makes you think and realize who you are. Within this project, peers would read and give you ideas or feedback of what you wrote. This was a very helpful method because I fixed my essay and included more details than it had before. It was okay to be eccentric in a good way, it was about yourself so go for it! When I made my own revision, I thought it was well done. Maybe I could include more vocabulary words, but I thought what I wrote is exactly who I am and people know who I am once they read this.  I didn’t take so much on time on this project except one thing…. and that was writing of who I really am. Like i said before, its hard to write who you are when you really don’t know fully who you are. But, after this project, and after experimenting more that consisted of what I love to do, I know who I am if anybody asked. So, in total it tok a week, with revision and feedback from peers, but in general I would say an hour for the final piece.  For my next project, I want to accomplish it with more vocabulary words, and more detailed work. I hope next project would be as fun and interesting like Project #1 was.

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