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City Limits : Colson Whitehead

City Limits – Calson Whitehead

After reading Calson’s introduction to his book , “City Limits”, it opened my eyes to a different view of New York . He is right about the old New York and how it changed through time . Sometimes we don’t realize when we were younger what was around us and now it’s something’s different . His introduction describes about New York City and how it changed , what was in one location and now today is something else . We don’t sometimes have that chance to say goodbye to our old New York . What do I mean by “our old New York ? “. Like he said, someone’s New York could be different from mine , but it’s what was before then what is there now . Is our laundrymat that we had to put quarters inside , now they are inside buildings or you use a card . Or the carshop right across the street is now a Burger King . Through time we don’t see it much , and we can’t say goodbye . New things happen everyday to New York City and we don’t see it until one day we walk pass by through and remember what was there before it . With this , I found my New York , I go there all the time , and it started by just a picture I took . Through time it changed , but saying goodbye wasn’t an option .

Summary for ADV

Today, September 15, we discussed a majority of different things that had to do with our first project. We talked about the next few things we need to do for our final work due Wednesday. Our professor posted the guidelines for the thing we had to do. It’s a bit overwhelming, but it will help us do things in such a way that the way we see it will be interpreted in many ways. What we have to do next is pick 2 stable and 2 ambiguous drawing that we already have and to cut out ONLY the black part of that drawing but in black paper. Then you paste these shapes onto the 14×17 Bristol pad with the measurements of 5×7. While discussing about our next steps, we also had a group critique of our Inked work we had to do over the weekend. All of them were amazing, and some just had to do some adjustments. We talked about the purpose of Economy and Community within this project and how an image could be or stable and more ambiguous. At the end, our professor explained how to use an Xacto knife, so that we don’t have to cut our fingers. So careful everyone ! We mostly discussed and worked in groups today, and all we have to do now is follow the guidelines that is on her website and complete our final work that is DUE WEDNESDAY ! 🙂