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Ways of Seeing : Draft



My name is Natali Agudelo, and i am a designer. I am just in the process of a college student, but beneath that I am an artist that started years ago. I always told myself that, “My visualization of the world equals aesthetic pleasure,”meaning that I combine my ideas and my visualization to a beauty design. Not only do I enjoy designing, but I enjoy taking photographs of the most interesting things I see surrounding me. Mostly my photographs consist of nature and the things that many people do quite see when they see a photograph or design. As a designer, I see everything, every detail on what that photograph has. I consider myself a designer because I am a visualizer of the world, and with that power I am capable to show the world that I make art. I  see myself in a couple of years a professional Graphic Designer, working a company and as well as freelancer. I see myself traveling the world and doing projects there and taking beautiful photography that will blow people’s minds.

My consideration of my avatar:

The avatar I chose is a photograph of myself in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This avatar describes me in so many different ways, most importantly as a photographer. In the background is what i called, “The Nature Environment,” because I was outside visualizing what nature is. The grass, water, rocks, trees and so on. Since I am a designer, not only do I design eccentric art, but I put my photography in it.  This photograph i am looking at something in the way i positioned myself, and that makes me a curious person. I always want to know what is this, or that. That is how I also gain ideas to create something.

How my avatar can be interpreted differently:

Many people can interpret my avatar as just a portrait photograph. They might like it, and some may not. They might ask where was i? What is on the background? The photograph is in black and white, in which that case it means a lot to me and what it expresses. Many people might wonder how it might look in color or other filters. Others might think I want to be a model, or maybe interested in being one. So, in this case there is a lot of interpretations about my avatar, but there is always that one answer .

Profile will convey and why it matters:

My profile will convey of who I really am. Yes, I am a human being living in the city and going to school and back home. Honestly, that is not really who I am, I am beyond that, I am a designer. I will show the world my sketches, my photographs, and my designs. I will even show them how much time i spend on something that I am really getting into . There will be photos of me discovering more of this world, maybe travel to an interesting place. I don’t know what will I post at times, but i know that my work will make people enjoy it and keep coming to see more. Doing this is important to me, because I am making art, and by doing that I am doing a big impact to people. Art is just not something to glance, is something to visualize and see what that person meant to do and what is the message they are trying to send to the world. I think that art is right in front of your eyes, just dig in deeper.