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View From My Window: Assessment/ Critique

So, project #1 was very fun to do. Yes, it did take time cutting and to paste, but at the end it was a beautiful piece. In class, we did our critiques, and each person had to critique at least two people’s work. When they critiqued my work, I felt both accomplished, but also could have done better. I felt this way because i accomplished everything our professor wanted us to do. Peers liked my worked, it was neat, and very understandable. In the other hand, i critiqued my own work, which is a good thing to do, and I thought maybe i could have done a little better, but overall I think i did pretty good. I liked everyone’s work in general, but since this was a critique, it was time to be honest (evil laugh). Some were hard to understand which were ambiguous  and which were stable.  Others had to economize more so we could understand it better. The cutting was okay, but there were some that was pretty…. scary . hahaha. Just kidding, but it was a great critique from everyone and of course thanks to our professors and mentor. Great Job everyone !