Everyone Has Their Own New York: Random Blog Post

Hello ! This might be personal blog post, but it relates a lot with writing and art. Three weeks ago my grandma past away from colon cancer. After her past, it has been very hard for me to even talk at times,  and this weekend we started taking out her stuff from her room and to give them away. We kept some things, and one thing that I found from her was a journal. A beautiful journal, with art, photographs, and writing. It practically described her journeys here in New York City. I really didn’t know that my grandma back then liked to travel to the city and discover her favorite places. In the journal, she described how Times square was nothing but strip clubs and bars. Reading her journal, it made me realize how important it is to just live your life, and I know when she got here, thats the first thing she did. Just like we discovered our own New York, she had hers too. Years passed by, and as she explained on her journal, she found that her favorite part of New York City was Times Square, and in that case that was her New York.  The last thing she wrote on her journal was, ” By reading this, go to my Times Square and follow the same steps I did and see how beautiful it is.” I miss my grandma very much, and she was a visualizer just like me, and now walking to Times Square will be more exciting knowing I am walking my grandma’s New York.

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