[Kim Yoonshik] Reading Response “Augusto Boal”

Personally it was very interesting theme for me. I was intrigued the idea of ‘invisible theatre’ or ‘simultaneous dramaturgy.’ Audiences give different ways of solutions (I laughed out loud with the solution of ‘hitting husband with the stick’ idea) or the actual place can be a theatre with the idea of invisible theatre. I really liked it although it looks like very similar to hidden camera TV show but if it can be a help of solution, why not?

To answer Suly’s question – Do you believe it is easy for citizens to actually make society better with theatrical performance? and if you can choose a game from a different part of the world that you would want to spread in the US, what game would it be and why? – I chose ‘I believe it is easy for citizens to actually make society better with theatrical performance. We, people, tend to think only in one’s perspective. However, I believe that this kind of approach can help to understand each other. That is why Psychologists use mono drama method to cure mental disease.

Recently I watched a very impressed movie clip that you might want to watch (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE9YXIBSb0k). This is a famous (I guess) TV show “What would you do?” In this clip, the actors play parents and son who has autism. The scenario starts the son makes a noise then another actor complains loudly about that. It is very interesting that many people got angry and upset to this complaining actor and even got him out from the restaurant which was very touching. This set up is kind of invisible theatre I think, and I believe this can make society better because we can see ourselves through it. How we react or how we think in certain situations and we can consider better way to solve the situations. Here is one more good video clip “Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world”

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