Midterm Paper – DUE POSTED TO OPEN LAB— TUESDAY MARCH 20 – no exception

Minimum 1700 words plus images required in the form of a formal proposal for your Imagine Project with the following. Your proposal is NOT a sales pitch, it is a clear statement fo the project and the function it will serve.

Project Title:

(5-10 keywords for your project to serve for alleged google search, or for academic reference, as appropriate)

200 minimum word summary about what project isβ€” The abstract allows readers to know immediately if they want to proceed.

Research: Tangible
400 words minimum
In depth description of research in the field(s) and satellite fields (if applicable). Include urls and images Proof that your idea does not yet exist and will be unique in the field.

Research: Philosophical
400 words
Tie in at least two readings on ideas (historical or current) on the history or philosoph of your invention or its genre, and include how these readings point to, or amplify your idea

Full Project Description
500 words minimum, with images and with justification

Timeline of Your Tasks for Remainder of Semester
100 words
(Presentations of Final Project in class on Tuesday, May 8 and 15)
(Final Deliverables due May 22 in class, no exceptions)

Description of Deliverables
150 words
Dont forget to include your Journal in this as a deliverable, plus Images, Models, Brochure, etc.

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