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The project that I am working on is called the shape shifting key. This key will be designed to changed shape whenever it is needed to open a lock. The key will have a built in finger print system in … Continue reading

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William Maldonado’s Pre Proposal

Pre-Proposal What I have selected to work on as my Imagine Project is a Watch projector. The name that I have selected for the watch projector is “Jector”. What the Jector is, is a gadget that is a watch and … Continue reading

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[Kim Yoonshik] Pre-proposal

Pre-Proposal “B.E. YOU” – Bible Experience game for you with virtual 3D technology.   With the computer graphics and virtual-augmented reality technology, now we can make a virtual world and experience it through the computer system. Using Head up Display … Continue reading

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Dream Pre-proposal : Neuro Lnker

The project that I’ve decided to work on was the “Neuro Linker” idea which was inspired from the Anime, “Accel World.”  I believe having something like that in real life would be incredibly helpful.   The reason why it’s called … Continue reading

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The imaginary project I will work on is on the GPS glasses. The GPS glasses would have build on gps navigation system. The user wears the glasses as any other glasses. This kind of glasses would act as a gps … Continue reading

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Journal #2

The Live Skull (working title) A full head area coverage helmet for comfort and utility. It has digital multimedia presentation capabilities, mobile data transmission, local data sensory interpretation interface, and hazard reduction filters. Helmet aerodynamics, Data streaming, digital camera motion … Continue reading

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Dream Project Proposal

The name that I chose for my invention is Seekers. I choose this name because that is exactly what it does.  The invention is a sphere like object that follows a person everywhere they go. The Seeker has many functions; … Continue reading

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Luchia Dragosh Pre-Proposal of “Dream Catcher”

  Project Title: Dream Catcher Project Description: This is a device that will record your dreams to a chip and transfer the waves into a data that will be readable. You turned it on the device before you go to … Continue reading

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Suly Paredes – Pre-Proposal

The majority of the time, people all around the world are rushing to get from point A to point B and do not have enough time to grab anything to bite or drink.  Every time anyone is busy or stuck … Continue reading

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