This includes, your FINAL PAPER, your journals, and

PROOF OF CONCEPT items in the form of two or three tangible deliverables for your project you have contract for in your midterm paper, whether that consists of video, animations, charts, documents,  displays, brochures, a written play, images, web site, models, etc.  Changes form midterm list of deliverables are acceptable only if explained and documented in journals.






  • State Material(s)
  • Dimensions
  • What will it be capable of doing, if anything.
  • How it will show the capabilities of your Imagine project.


  • Software (mode of creating)
  • Length of animation: what its going to how
  • Storyboard, script (today tell us story)
  • This could be an animation of the product itself, or of its diagrams and schematics.


  • Showing (1) the outside, (2) the inside (3) in use (how it works)


  • Showing (1) the outside, (2) the inside (3) in use (how it works)
  • I.e., you can ‚Äústage‚ÄĚ photos, collage them, etc.
(Here is student example of “images” submission for approval: ¬†“III.¬†Images:

  1. ¬†Interface ‚ÄstA¬†mock‚Äźup¬†of¬†what¬†the¬†web¬†interface¬†will¬†look¬†like.¬†¬†Will¬†include¬†the¬†command¬†prompts,¬†buttons,¬†etc. ¬†Will most ¬†likely¬†create¬†in¬†Vectorworks¬†or¬†Photoshop.¬†
  2. Image¬†of¬†how¬†the¬†system¬†works‚Äź¬†view¬†of¬†a¬†human¬†head¬†from¬†the¬†side,¬†with¬†chip ¬†implanted,¬†wirelessly¬†streaming data¬†to¬†the¬†servers¬†through¬†the¬†air,¬†and¬†a¬†user¬†sitting¬†a¬†computer¬†accessing¬†web¬†interface. ¬†
  3. Probably create it in a collage like fashion, using Photoshop, cutting out magazines, and/or drawing by hand. 
  4. Flowchart ‚ÄstA¬†graphic¬†view¬†of¬†the¬†process¬†of¬†how¬†the¬†system¬†records¬†and¬†retrieves¬†memories”

BROCHURE:  a full product brochure with advertising copy, photos and diagrams

PLAY ‚Äď a full length play or movie script, dramatizing and telling a story demonstrating the use of your device and its effect on people, ¬†culture at large and environment.

MOVIE– a shot video dramatizing and telling a story demonstrating the use of your device and its effect on people, culture and environment.

SLIDE SHOW containing outside, inside, how it works, and showing instances of it in use.

GAME:  what software, how many players, goals,  showing outside, inside,use, etc.

Student example of powerpoint submission for approval: ¬†“I created a Powerpoint presentation that included slides with the following (during the last three lab sessions of class):

  1. Introduction to DVR (name of product)
  2. Footage of Infomercial
  3. Demonstration of two videos, via hyperlink, showing inferior existing technology.
  4. Explanation of DVR characteristics
  5. Demonstration of a regular rehearsal in which Reggie and myself performed together as real people.
  6. Demonstration of how the DVR works beginning with written instructions and a picture of the DVR interface used as a login screen. Continued instructions for using the DVR with the footage of the virtual rehearsal where Reggie is a hologram and is dancing with me in canon.
  7. Further demonstration of the DVR as a playback device as the interface plays back the footage of the rehearsal where Reggie is a hologram.
  8. A wrap-up with final ideas and questions posed to the audience.
  9. I will present all of this material to the class on Tuesday, May 19. I will provide the professor with a DVD of all my video clips and the final powerpoint file.

GAME:   what software, it has to show the outside, inside, how it works, and one or more instance of use.

General student example:

Project deliverables

  • Sensor location cad
  • Model of how the sensors will work
  • User interface done in Indesgin adobe
  • 1/18 replica of the car
  • journal

2nd student example:


Product deliverables

3D autocad rotating view of product
-this will show the product at every angle

cardboard model
-cut out version of product

Presentation with paper drawing show every angle of the product and it’s functions
-frontal view of the shades
-side view of the arms of the shades to show position of turn dial, usb port, and power button.

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