Week 8 – April 3

Guest Lecturer – Kimon Keramides

Kimon Keramidas is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Digital Media Lab at the Bard Graduate Center where he is in charge of implementing digital media across the curriculum and in research projects and exhibitions.  His research is on the sociological impact of technology and digital media across a wide range of disciplines, from the impact on the mediascape on traditional entertainment forms such as theatre to the role of gaming in teaching and learning to the design and materiality of interfaces. He has taught about new media, media literacy, interface design, artifacts in an age of new media, scenic design, and media and performance. He is also Director of Digital Initiatives at the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, where he oversees new initiatives in the integration of digital media in support of the center’s programs and develops and maintains the center’s web presence. When not teaching, working, or being a father, he plays games on both fields (soccer) and screens (Xbox, etc.) and consumes sundry televisual culture.

Kimon will talk about the way that gaming (digital and non-) is part of daily life, what it means to be a gamer, and how we can think about principles of game design in invigorating everyday experiences. We’ll talk about games as lived experiences, games vs. video games, the use of game theories across disciplines and get a chance to make our own games. He also looks forward to listening to and discussing some of your imagine proposals!


What Games Have to Teach Us About Teaching and Learning: Game Design as a Model for Course and Curricular Development


gamedevmap is a living map and catalog of game development organizations.

The Theater of Games (Childrens)

Pirates Assault

NASA Creating Multiplayer Game


Patent Application Due

Student Progress Presentations

Project Lab Time


Assignments for April 10:

1.    This is the last opportunity for those of you who need  to catch up on reading responses and all other assignments including Midterm–  – up and through August Boal.. It’s NOW or —never. these late assignments will be penalized
No exceptions.

2.  Journal entry showing progress from your last entry on history, theory and tech of your invention

3.  Comment on two of your peers “Re-Making’ projects.




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