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Luchia Dragosh Journal Entries Week#4

DREAM CATCHER   This week I worked on the Patent Summary Application for the most part. I did some more research and readings that professor Baker suggested on Communicating from Inside your Brain I also implemented professor Wortzel in … Continue reading

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Boal’s Reading

Response to Suly I think it is possible to learn from theatre, because theatre can act as a mirror for behavior of man to actually see.  How many times in life have you seen or been exposed to quotes from … Continue reading

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Response to lead on Augusto Boal readings

The game of my choice would be soccer affectionately known to the rest of the world as football.  For years America exclusion of the most popular game in the world not only shows the nonconformist trend setting mentality of America … Continue reading

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Suly Paredes – Augusto Boal (Lead Response)

Both of Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed and the interview both gives you an insight on how it works and what his intentions were when it came to sending a theatrical message. In the first article, Arsenal of Games … Continue reading

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Zohaib – Midterm

Project: Solar powered battery   Keywords: Solar Powered. Extra. Backup. Cell phones. Reliable. Battery. Go Green. Green Future Infinite Energy. Abstract: The idea is to create a solar powered battery that attaches onto the back of your cell phones or … Continue reading

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Suly Paredes – Midterm

Title: The Mobile Grub Keywords: Nutrients, Food Emulator, Delicious, Healthy, Electronic Cooking. Abstract: The majority of the time, people all around the world are rushing to get from point A to point B and do not have enough time to … Continue reading

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Midterm Paper

SeEkeRs Keywords:  Flying Sphere Seeker Flying robot Robot cell phone Flying cell phone Flying camera Robot camera Hover robot Hover Sphere Smart sphere   Abstract: This new product; which is currently being referred to as seekers, is designed to package … Continue reading

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Ahmad Woods – Midterm Paper


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[Kim Yoonshik] Midterm Paper

Project Title: B.E. You in V.R. (Bible Experience for You in Virtual Reality) Keywords: Virtual Reality UI & UX – User Interface and User Experience 3D interactive Design Game Logic Storytelling Game Art Scenario Player Blender Game Engine Xbox Kinect … Continue reading

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Rosa Lee Journal Entry

In researching the necessity for my project, I discovered that countries are already starting to implement their own forms of restrictions for internet usage. Case in point in the U.S. internet providers ( time warner, comcast, etc) has attempted to … Continue reading

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