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Project: Solar powered battery



Solar Powered.
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The idea is to create a solar powered battery that attaches onto the back of your cell phones or any other electronic devices (iPhone, iPads, mp3 players, Kindles etc.) that acts as a backup battery for device and charges automatically so whenever the original battery for your device runs out the solar powered battery kicks in and keeps the device working.  The battery could be a standard size lithium battery that is compatible with average cell phone devices it will simply attach on the backside of the phone and will contain a solar panel on the back of it (the side that doesn’t face the back of the cell phone directly.) Through the solar panel the battery would collect solar energy and the indicator on the side will show whether or not the battery is fully charged. Whenever the original battery needs to be replaced, the backup battery can be simply detached from the back of the phone and plugged inside of the cellphone device to power it.  The solar powered battery will NOT require any chargers to charge it and will just utilize the solar panel located on its backside.



            What is solar energy? Solar energy is the energy produced by the Sun; the radiation is emitted by the Sun in the form of light and heat. Almost all the energy on Earth comes from the Sun. According to this article the earth receives 170 pet watts of solar radiation. 30% is reflected into space and the rest is absorbed by the earth. Most of the solar radiation falls in the visible to near infrared region of electromagnetic spectrum with a small amount in the ultraviolet region. Today most nanometres based energy conversion focuses on converting solar energy into electrical energy. Solar energy is everywhere as long as sunlight is available. So that makes it very easy to utilize this “free” form of energy that our sun provides for everyone throughout the entire planet. You can read more about solar energy by following this link;


Humans harness solar energy in many different ways but the most effect way to harness energy from the sun is with (PV)photovoltaic cells or solar cells. These convert photons streaming from the Sun into electricity. There is a phenomenon known as the photoelectric effect, which is basically the emission of electrons due to absorption of energy from photons interacting with a material. So in my design solar panels will be implemented on the backside of the battery that will absorb sunlight or solar energy and convert it into electricity as shown in the picture below.

To read more about how solar energy is converted into electricity you can follow this Link.

Solar powered Battery uses a clean form of energy because this mode of power emits no pollution, it keeps the air clean and healthy, reducing general health costs for the population. No hydrocarbon production also reduces climate change, which–if unchecked–can raise sea levels and increase weather extremes. It provides the consumers with renewable energy source without the need to ever plugging your phone to a charger.

Solar Energy Advantages

  • The power source of the sun is absolutely free.
  • Solar power is infinite.
  • The production of solar energy produces no pollution.
  • Solar energy is extremely cost effective.
  • Most solar panels do not require any maintenance during their lifespan, so you never have to put money into them.
  • Most solar systems last up to 30 to 40 years.



  • Research more about how to utilize solar power in a small sized battery.
  • Work out how the solar panel is implemented into the battery.
  • Research the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy.
  • Create a concept art about how the battery will attach and work with the phone.
  • Put together the presentation for the final project.
  • Deliverables.
My deliverable will consist of the concept art which will contain diagrams, figures and different designs that will show how the device will look like the size of the battery how it will fit on the phone and will explain visually how the whole thing will work.











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  1. average iphone charge is .0043 kwh
    average solar daily irradiation 6kwh/meter squared

  2. Zohaib:
    Have you thought of changing this somewhat after Kimon’s comments in regard to wireless energy? I think you could use what you have already done and expand it… it would be, in turn, a much more expansive project– let me know what you think.

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