The project that I am working on is called the shape shifting key. This key will be designed to changed shape whenever it is needed to open a lock. The key will have a built in finger print system in it. It will only work with its designated owner to prevent wrongful intent. There are nights where you forgot to bring your key and you are locked out of your home. One day you may have lost your car keys. The shape shifting key is made for these moments. You can only purchase one key at a time. In order to get another key you would have to report the last key to the police. They will then deactivate the old key and make a new one for you with updated information for a price. The shape shifting key will be made to fit in your wallet. Losing the key will be very difficult unless you have lost your wallet. The key will have a chip in it with data of each lock that you own. In this case it can remember that it is your lock and how to change shape to open it. The shape shifting key would be given to the elderly and handicapped for free. I will be doing research on shape memory alloy  which is the leading material for shape shifting development. This project will benefit all of it users but mainly the elderly and companies who rely on heavy usage of keys.


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