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The game of my choice would be soccer affectionately known to the rest of the world as football.  For years America exclusion of the most popular game in the world not only shows the nonconformist trend setting mentality of America but strength of a super power.  I believe just as Americans use golf in the business environment to sway and make deals i believe America adaptation of soccer could be used in the the same premiss in dealing not only with the world business community but also politics.  Don’t get me wrong in recent years America has drastically stepped up its soccer game but not to the level it needs to be.  If you compare the level of money, real estate, paraphernalia, media coverage, fan base, advertizement to American sports there is no competition American sports rule.  With results of the last presidential campaign the increase in minority voters in specifically of Latin descent is at an all time high.  So much so its safe to say Caucasian males are the new minority of which were the the founding fathers of America’s favorite past times.  In the Latin / Hispanic communities the favorite past time is soccer and baseball second.  Americas contribution to the world cup has shown the social change with in recent years for the increased investments in its team, players, and Olympics.

In conclusion i do think citizens can change societies views by sheer numbers.  Also if you were to takes movies like Mel Gibson “Passion of the Christ” , The controversy alone surrounding the movie brought a different awareness and views of Jews persecuting the persecuted.  For along time The world community always view Jews as victims of terrible genocidal atrocities. Now there image is tarnished by Mel Gibson biblical portray of Jesus Christ.  What ever his true intent was for making the film the effects and lasting impressions out way them. Augusto Boal style of theater is a form of interaction  art popularized in the 70’s which was dependent on the the response of of the audience. The outcomes were also different.


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  1. babyxface says:

    Response to Ian Boals Comment
    I also agree that by awareness the theatre can be a valuable tool in exposing the corruption to increase moral consciousness in society’s behaviors and tolerance of said topics. As well as show progression of growth and change in society by way of displaying a timeline. What may be considered morally just today is often considered unjust in past time comparison. As a society the past should be a learning tool for our mistakes not to be repeated. Ironically I believe this to be a game our world leaders play. The real question is, are we winning or losing this interactive game of story repetition? This could be a classification of our interactivity in the form of a game.

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