Rosa Lee Journal Entry

In researching the necessity for my project, I discovered that countries are already starting to implement their own forms of restrictions for internet usage. Case in point in the U.S. internet providers ( time warner, comcast, etc) has attempted to regulate the internet by imposing a 6 strike rule for downloading, copying writing, and pirating materials. The current  laws in the U.S. pertain to internet usage only address copy right laws and or sexual solicitation. This move by the internet company/business community show that the corporation from the internet providers can work and showing the change in social structure has to occur due to monitory loss. The U.S. is governed democratically and unfortunately other countries feel that they are imposing their political ideologically on them but are still effected by the social revolution. Case in point communist china. Although they don’t support democracy, they still suffer from the same consequences of miss usage of the internet. So much so they impose their own restrictions toward internet providers and users to provide identification and accountability of the internet providers and users. This has benefited them for it has uncovered several scandals with officials that have been involved with sexual crimes and misconduct. Therefore the need for regulation of the internet is global and our plan to create a grid structure for regulating internet will be approved by the world community because of the social revolution occurring because of the misusage of the internet.

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