Suly Paredes – Journal Entry

Over the break I took a look at Prof. Baker’s plant links. Very interesting choices of plants that I have never heard of before. The Gymnema can be pretty much used to cure oneself during a single chew. The way the MobileGrub would be with this plant as a powder ingredient would have every single chew towards another step to curing a diabetic. Another plant was the Thaumatococcus. This plant is a sweetener. For those sweet tasting meals, this plant as  a powder can sweeten the taste and make it satisfying for the moment. The last plant Baker suggested was a Synsepalum which is a berry that can sweeten any sour acid fruit. Sometimes the ingredients may not work as we think it might because we cannot taste it before actually making it, but I think using these 3 plants can make this device able to work properly (based on ingredients).

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