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  1. Jean Chavriacouty says:

    Multi-Platfrom Hand Intergrated computer control

    With the creation of the mouse, computer interactivity became much more intuitive and efficient. As technology evolved, several other interactive methods were developed; touch screens, voice control, trackpads. etc. My invention will integrate the advantages of all these interactive methods, all the while being innovative in the way we interact with computer GUI’s.
    The MPHICC (tentative name) will attach to each individual finger as a small metallic plate, and will operate much as one’s fingers do on touch screens but, on any surface and OS. The device would connect to computers via a connection similar to bluetooth to allow for ease of use. Being able to zoom, right click, drag, and other mouse mechanics by just performing natural hand movements will increase accessibility and efficiency to all users. Being able to connect at public kiosks, like ATM’s would allow users to control machines by using their own MPHICC device. I believe this would be a great way to get those intimidated by current computer control methods and seasoned users to be even more adequate in their computer use.

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