Surveillance and Privacy

In analyzing the usage of data capture from the stand point of the business community, its safe to say the utilization of mathematical calculations and probability has an intricate role in how they use current technologies for application to current business practices.  A prime example is Firefox and Google with browser history and allowances of tracking cookies as a means of creating user profiles.

Its also safe to say as Technology advances, the need for privacy permissions decrease.  in formation is being gathered just by using your credit card.  How many times you use it? Where you use it the most?  even the frequency of you payment history which is then sent to credit bureaus.  To think 25 years ago they didn’t exist, now they know more about you than you do in real time.  They essentially have a legal right to survey your life from past to previous address, employment, social, judgements, property etc.  The government, perspective employers, financial institutions actually use them as part of a background investigation.  Have you ever noticed you were never asked you permission for them to have this information?  They’re not run by any government body to assign permissions to survey you.

Which brings us to the other side surveillance model.  The government doesn’t need permission to survey you cause any and everything could be considered probable cause.  Also if the reason of surveillance is in the interest of national security permissions are void.  This form of gathering information is more or less in the physical realm and therefore more scrutinized to privacy laws.  Where the advances in satellite technology aids in intelligence gathering to the point of pin pointing GPS, and clear facial recognition.  In England Interpol uses a camera grid system on the streets as a form of law enforcement.  This reduces the need for police to be armed and easier to identify criminals.

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