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Texture & Pattern – 5. Delivery.

Throughout the course of this project I learned just how much of a difference both lines and typefaces can make. I could have avoided all the unnecessary spaces in between the lines and used more than one typeface. The board itself was way too big and next time I’ll definitely try and be more care with the studio tack. By taking my time and carefully planning out each step carefully it could really make a difference, which is what I’ll do for the next project.

Texture & Pattern – 4

The original photographs were so unalike in many ways. Whether it  was the amount of lines, the type of rhythm, flow and movement.  When it came to sketching up spaces using lines only, it wasn’t so bad, but when it came to sketching typefaces, not so much. Lines and typefaces are two different terms yet they both helped when it came to trying to achieve the same contrast. Trying to avoid flying hairs and blank open spaces was also a bit difficult.

Project 2 – Texture and Pattern 5 Delivery

By the end of this project, I think that I was able to learn multiple things. One main thing, at least, to me is that I was able to a take an image and convert it, in 2 new unique ways. One way was with all of lines, while the other was using letters to create the image. I think that the letters version were more interesting because I was able to see what letters I can “see” in a non-letter image.