imagiNATION – Deliver


Here are my before and afters for my three compositions. I chose to work in my neighborhood for this project so I could freely go back and forth to the locations for my project if needed but I feel like it limited me slightly, but eventually I did find things to work with of course. The project wasn’t too hard but weather was the only thing that set me back at all so I just learned that I would have to plan more accordingly for future projects that would require similar efforts to complete. I think the yellow blotch was my best composition as it touched on color and texture more than the others although being slightly less readable due to the ‘T’ looking like a ‘J’. All in all the process went smoothly for the most part, disregarding the slight frustrations I had initially looking for places to work, but I’m content with my results and think I did alright this time around. This wasn’t my favorite project but I think it would have been more enjoyable had it been done a different time of year, so maybe I’ll try something like this again in the future.

2 thoughts on “imagiNATION – Deliver

  1. Amy Lai Pan

    You translated the texture of the second composition nicely. The chalk’s color could have been more grey to match the background, but I think the typeface fits very well with the cracked lines.


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