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Color Your Selfie – Deliver

Since the beginning of the semester, I was hoping to use the computers for our work. This project was a fun change to our normal hand-work projects.This project was really fun to do. I got to know how photoshop works because I didn’t have a single clue prior to the project. This is by far the most fun project that we had.

Color Your Selfie – Develop





My favorite color is red. Red resembles romance, wrath, and passion. I’m a caring person who watches out for others before myself. Whenever I play a game or do a work related with colors, I always pick the color red. It has always been my go to color because it matches my personality.


Lost & found: Phase 4 COMD1100

This project took quite an effort to accomplish. It required a lot of thoughts on how you can distinguish the difference between an obvious and ambiguous image. What I could of done better was adapting and learning the black and white percentage ratio and how they influence what determines an obvious and ambiguous. For the next project, I learned how the background is important and its influence on the foreground and it can be applied to our next project.

Lost & Found: Phase 3 COMD1100

Ambiguous Figure

Hours worked: 2 hours

This phase allowed me to think the difference between ambiguous and obvious in terms of black and white. The previous phase was about sketching a rough draft of the figures and determining whether they are obvious or ambiguous. This phase is related to the previous because it makes you realize the relationship of percentage of white:black for each obvious and ambiguous figures.