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Project 5 – imagiNATION (Deliver)

This is my first letter

This is my second image of letters

This is my third image of a letter

By the end of this project, I thought that it was something new and really unexpected. I got this feeling I really enjoyed trying to see letters or words, into random things I see almost everyday. I also liked that this project required me to go out into the world and observe it from a new point-of-view.

Project 4 – ColorYourSelfie 5 Delivery

I think that this project was kind of a fun project. I believe this because, it was something nice and easy, compared to the previous project, mostly because it was done all on computer. It was easier to make the way I wanted it to be. For a future attempt, I would try to make it more easy to know which Pantone color belongs to which color.

Project 4 – Develop

Project 4 - Final Images

Ever since, I was young, blue has always been my favorite color. I chose this color for multiple reasons. One can be that I always found blue as a relaxing color. Blue can mostly be found in “happy” things and can sometimes even make me feel like everything is going to be okay. In fact, in Japan, they actually  have blue street lights at night, which has reduce crime, by calming people down.

I also pick blue because I think that it best fits my personality. It fits my personality because blue can be mostly found in things that are consider happy, such as the in the big blue ocean at the beach, a nice sunny blue day, flowers, and more. I like to consider myself, usually a happy person, and I see it when I pick blue as my favorite color. During summer, I always enjoy going to beach, with friends and family, and just having a good time in the blue ocean. Spring is also my favorite season, and I think its because of the weather change from winter, where it always cold, snowy, and everyone is forced to be inside, because no one wants to be outside, to Spring, where its a warmer and “nicer” time of the year, because things things start changing for the better. I also have a personal connection, with the color blue, because it was the color of one of my favorite characters growing up as a child, which was Stitch from “Lilo & Stitch”.

Selfiemotion – Phase 5 Delivery

By the end of the project, I feel that this project was the most difficult out of all other projects. I think it was difficult because, it was hard trying to achieve all three elements of the project, into one image. I could achieve 2 of the elements but always be missing one, or not expressing it to my full extent. Overall this was a bit fun, because I tried expressing happiness, by looking like a clown, since clowns can bring happiness, and it was fun trying to use non-expressive things as facial expressions.

Project 2 – Texture and Pattern 5 Delivery

By the end of this project, I think that I was able to learn multiple things. One main thing, at least, to me is that I was able to a take an image and convert it, in 2 new unique ways. One way was with all of lines, while the other was using letters to create the image. I think that the letters version were more interesting because I was able to see what letters I can “see” in a non-letter image.

Lost and Found 4: Phase 4

This is my ambiguous image

This is my obvious image








By the end of the project, I believe, that this project was quite interesting in its own unique ways. I think that it let me get really creative and letting me use the real world, as a way to influence my images. I think that I was able to learn a few new things. I was able to distinguish and even create my own original obvious and ambiguous images.