Class Info

  • Date: TK
  • Meeting Info: Zoom Meeting at TK.


Professional Ethics–We will discuss ethics in the context of our profession and in the corporate world as a whole. Our discussion of ethics will encompass sustainable design practices and respect for diverse voices and cultures. Copyright and Fair Use will be Reviewed.


  • Become familiar with the ethical standards of professional associations within the field.
  • Understand Copyright and Fair Use
  • Read case studies that address ethical issues
  • research how your internship site’s ethical guidelines for its workers.
  • Examine Conflict of Interest and Non-Discloure Agreements


Question: What is your definition of ethics? And don’t go to google yet. Tell me what you think ethics is and then, yes of course we will go to Wikipedia entry together.

We will be reviewing various resources on the ethics within our profession.

We will start with the AIGA standards of professional practice

This week, we will review during class briefly the highlights from

the following Chapters from the AIGA Design and Business Ethics Handbook.
• Clients Guide to Design
• Use of Illustrations
• Copyright
• Use of Photography

2. Review/Read the Following Readings about the Shepard Fairey Copyright Case: The AP image Used in the “Hope” Poster during the 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Hope Poster

Hope_Poster_Case_Study (1)

And then there are Ethical issues of retouching content beyond copyright . .


Sustainability in Design

• Thinking about sustainability and design is also very important

• Let’s take a brief look at this Site at the AIGA site:

To-Do After Class

• Two blog posts based on your readings. Assignment details can be found in Assignments/Week Seven.