Class Info

  • Date: TK
  • Meeting Info: meet via zoom at TK


Salary Negotiations , Benefits and Personal Finance 101


  • Salary negotiating tips for one’s first job upon graduation
  • Comparing Benefits: What Benefit Matter to YOU
  • Understanding Personal Finance Concepts and Terms
  • Even with ObamaCare, Healthcare in the U.S. is still Employer-Based
  • Why Budgeting Matters


We are going to open this class by listening to the Freaknomics Podcast, Everything you always wanted to know about money but afraid to ask at::

Freakonomics is a excellent program for you to keep up to date on topics related to economics. The programs are engaging and informative.

We will review the following sites together:    a

nd right from the IRS’s own site an explanation of 401Ks ands IRAs.  

And I love this article from Fall 2018 from the NY Times “Life is Weird After College” 

The freelancers union site has excellent information on healthcare and finance

Lab Stuff

Okay, so if you’ve never tried doing a budget for yourself, now is the time to do it. Use one of the budgeting apps we discussed in class and try to identify your monthly expenses BEFORE are negotiating on salary.  This information is for yourself.  You don’t need to share any personal info in our discussions–just share your experience of using an app to do this task.

Budgeting 101: How to Create a Budget

The 7 Best Budget Apps for 2020

To-Do After Class

• Keep Working on that budget

• Keep Blogging–you should be finished 4 posts by now.

• Keep Building your LinkedIn network. Connect via LinkedIn to 3 Speakers from the Webinar you attended. Write them a note in your connect email saying what you liked about the presentation ask a follow-up question. Discuss at our next zoom meet any responses you get!

• See additional Reading assignments under Week Five/Assignments

• Research the Health Benefits & other benefits of your current internship site–either by using their website or by asking their Human Resources Department if they have one