Faculty: Please outline your grading policy here, including grading scale and specific participation requirements, as well as how and where you will communicate grades to students.

How the outcome is assessed

  1. Evaluate through class discussion, critique, and /or written tests if students use appropriate nomenclature to defend creative, critical and technical decisions in project concepts and development.

  2. Evaluate how well students absorbed and consequently applied the learning though oral critiques of projects.

  3. Evaluate through class critique to determine how well students were able to advance their project concepts by applying evidence and using logic to make decisions.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Your assessment will be based on 3-4 projects with multiple components divided into homework and in-class assignments.

  • Punctuality and meeting deadlines are critical to success in this class, 10% of your overall grading criteria is based on diligence and professionalism.

  • Asynchronous or synchronous discussions with a peer group or a partner in the course
  • A rubrics will be used to determine how well you are achieving strategic, visual and production based goals. We will use these rubrics to determine what parts of your execution are successful or unsuccessful.
  • Project 1 & Presentation: 15%
    Project 2 & Presentation: 15%
    Project 3 & Presentation: 20%
    Project 4 & Presentation: 40%
    Diligence & class participation: 10%
    TOTAL: 100%

Assignment and Project Deadlines

  1. For in-person instruction: all work is DUE at the beginning of the class.
    For hybrid/online learning: all work is DUE by 11:59 the night before class.
  2. All projects are group assignments and should only be submitted via blackboard.
  3. Only 1 submission per group as PDF, No individual submissions.

  4. All projects/assignments are due at start of class

  5. Students and assignments arriving late to class day of deadline WILL NOT present and will subtract from grade. A grading rubric is provided for All projects, it will establish the grading criteria.

  6. Any projects handed in late, after the beginning of class, will be automatically knocked down a letter grade.

  7. Projects that are two classes late will be automatically graded as a D.

  8.  Not handing in a project is an automatic F.

  9. All assignments will be assessed by punctuality, concept, presentation completeness and technique.




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