Hello students, here is a list of responsibilities that you need to be responsible for in the class, and in most of your classes. Please refer to this as a reminder of what your roles in this class should be.


Please be sure to consistently check your City Tech email (or whichever email you provide to me and OpenLab.) I send emails with reminders, changes and other pertinent information. Check email at least 24 hrs before class. Make sure that your email mailbox is not overloaded. It is your responsibility to manage your mailbox so that lines of communication are open and available. 

Home Work

Arrive in class with homework prepared and ready to present. Print and trim your work before the start of class to receive credit.

Refer to the Projects page (faculty inset link) on our website for course content and reference material. If you misplace class material, find it here. Project handouts and presentation material are posted here. It is the student’s responsibility to check the site before each class meeting for instructions.

Class participation

This class will be conducted as a professional experience, a job, or an interview. Assume that your professor and peers will be in a position to recommend you or offer you a job in the future. You are not only building knowledge and your portfolio, you are establishing your professional reputation and affecting your career goals.

Professionalism is demonstrated by: 

  • Class preparedness (completes projects on time, brings materials to class, checks the web site for instructions)
  • Participates in critiques, and discussions; volunteers answers, asks questions, helps classmates
  • Pays attention during class demonstrations
  • Follows project instructions and takes notes
  • Arrives on time and stays for the full-time period

Punctuality and deadlines are critical to success in this class and in real word on job situations. This class will reflect that in terms of assignments and project deadlines. 


Students will present their work for critique using design terminology. The critique is a neutral dialog. Students presenting will discuss the project’s strengths and weaknesses and describe what works and what doesn’t work in relation to the guidelines. Peer responses will be given

Backup work

Losing work due to failed media or overwritten files is not an excuse for late work. Students are expected to have an effective backup strategy for all of their files. Duplicate back-ups of all working and final files. 

Students are responsible for checking application compatibility between school and home computers, and for saving, storing, and printing their work. Programs on lab and classroom computers may differ from your computer. If this is the case, you may not be able to open your project in class.

Package your work in a version compatible with class programs, you are responsible for backing up and transporting your work. If you have any questions or doubts about saving or backing up your work, please do not hesitate to ask.