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Group Minutes (Construction Management)


Start Time: 4:30pm

End Time: 4:50pm

Group Members: Kyle Sutherland, Leonardo Tineo

Main Points:

Discussed our approach toward the group project based on construction management.

Plan of Action:

Leonardo will do research on 2-3 top schools in New York for construction management
and what degree programs they offer.

Kyle will do research on 2-3 construction management firms in New York and what skill
and education requirements they are looking for in employees.

Class Minutes_03/14/18_Danie Occeus

March 14, 2018

Professor Mishara briefly mentioned what was cover on March 7, 2018, and also announced that the guest speaker will be a professor from the architectural department with insights about international studies.

What we discuss:
Continuation and break down of AIA Document B101
Sample copy handed out by the professor in class attached with a list of suggested architectural articles for the reading assignments that are soon due.

Major point cover in class: Architect /Owner Agreement

  • Substantial Completion
  • Scope of service
  • Level of care
  • Insurance
  • Bidding/negotiation
  • Site observation
  • Acceptance of work
  • Payment of contractor
  • Submittal change of work

Phase of service

  • Schematic
  • Design development
  • Construction documents
  • Construction phase


ā€¢ Review the progress of the final project with all groups
ā€¢ Go over question sheets and be familiar with the terms
ā€¢ Prepare for upcoming submission of a summary of the first article
ā€¢ Start preparing a semi portfolio composed of 5 major work

Plan of action
Next week we will go over the question sheet
Discuss further the construction document of architect basic service


The architecture club had the honor of inviting two Alumni from New York City College of technology to be guess speakers.Ā  Both graduatesĀ  work inĀ  fieldsĀ  that are associatedĀ  to theĀ  architecture profession. The female speaker works in specifications. She receives the construction documents, she determines the specificĀ  types of materialsĀ  need for the project. The male speaker works in lighting design company. His jobĀ  is to come up with solution to illuminate and make spaces feel comfortable as well as looks beautiful. ThisĀ  serves as a reminder that students can also venture into other fields related to architecture if they choose to.

Class Minutes for Wednesday 28th, 2018- Alex Ross

Alex Ross

Professional Practice

Wednesday 28th, 2018

Class Minutes

  1. First part of Class:
  1. Second Session of Class:
  • Three main factors of an Architectural Project. USE Ć  TIMEĆ BUDGET

USEĆ  Owners Needs

TIMEĆ  Duration of project from start to finish.

BudgetĆ  All Budgets must contain Contingency because changes and unknown factors always occur during construction.

  • What does Architecture Do for the Owners?
  • Planning and Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Procurement

After each stage the Architect is required to re-estimate the budget and time.

Architect writes up change orders, change orders gets approved by the architecture/owner.

Contractor gets directions from Architecture on what to do. Contactors never make changeĀ Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  orders, they can only request.