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The architecture club had the honor of inviting two Alumni from New York City College of technology to be guess speakers.  Both graduates  work in  fields  that are associated  to the  architecture profession. The female speaker works in specifications. She receives the construction documents, she determines the specific  types of materials  need for the project. The male speaker works in lighting design company. His job  is to come up with solution to illuminate and make spaces feel comfortable as well as looks beautiful. This  serves as a reminder that students can also venture into other fields related to architecture if they choose to.

Class Minutes for Wednesday 28th, 2018- Alex Ross

Alex Ross

Professional Practice

Wednesday 28th, 2018

Class Minutes

  1. First part of Class:
  1. Second Session of Class:
  • Three main factors of an Architectural Project. USE √† TIME√†BUDGET

USEà Owners Needs

TIMEà Duration of project from start to finish.

Budgetà All Budgets must contain Contingency because changes and unknown factors always occur during construction.

  • What does Architecture Do for the Owners?
  • Planning and Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Procurement

After each stage the Architect is required to re-estimate the budget and time.

Architect writes up change orders, change orders gets approved by the architecture/owner.

Contractor gets directions from Architecture on what to do. Contactors never make change             orders, they can only request.