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Class Minutes 4-18-2018_ Ashley Amador

Mentioned at beginning of class:

– 30 Second Elevator Pitch

-7 Year career plan

-Work Samples

-Cover letter for extra credit

*Oral group presentation/written : Written copy to be submitted by email (PDF)


Visual Presentation & Physical copy Research


Other topics that were spoken about:

  • Thought of networking with future students
    • Facebook, social media
  • Interior design requirements


Due Dates:

4/18: Quiz due

5/2: submit draft

5/9: Quiz 2

5/16: Final Written copy

5/17: (Thursday ) Prep Time in class

5/23: Final Presentation  &  Quiz 3

5/24: (Thursday) Final Exam


SARA Invitation (Perhaps) – June presentation on Construction Documents


April 30th- Graduation Fair

  • Yearbook for the department?
  • Open lab Page? – Photo,name, contact info, career plan, dreams, quote, favorite course and why?



7 Year Plan outline:

Post elevator pitch (Professor)



Contracts: Are written agreement between parties

  • Verbal , written (letter, proposal,etc)
  • Use a contract made by someone in the building industry
  • A.I.A has simple ones