Class Minutes for Wednesday 28th, 2018- Alex Ross

Alex Ross

Professional Practice

Wednesday 28th, 2018

Class Minutes

  1. First part of Class:
  1. Second Session of Class:
  • Three main factors of an Architectural Project. USE √† TIME√†BUDGET

USEà Owners Needs

TIMEà Duration of project from start to finish.

Budgetà All Budgets must contain Contingency because changes and unknown factors always occur during construction.

  • What does Architecture Do for the Owners?
  • Planning and Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Procurement

After each stage the Architect is required to re-estimate the budget and time.

Architect writes up change orders, change orders gets approved by the architecture/owner.

Contractor gets directions from Architecture on what to do. Contactors never make change             orders, they can only request.



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